I can’t wait till shes gone an its your birthday.. your 21st bday.. and I get to text you an i aint holding back what I say.. so many ideas.. hmmm :3

Itd Make you think of me for a few minutes at least..

Somedays I hate it and its the last thing on my mind because I’ve got/become pretty content & comfortable within myself and being on my own.. I just seem to question its worth in life these days..

But other days I know what Ive felt an feel has been real despite what anyone else thinks an says. I’m the only one who knows how I feel. I Know how to value someone else as much as myself an appreciate who they are.. past, present & future. I can’t lie to save myself, I have a newfound respect for giving an recieving space.. and doing your own thing. I know how to treat someone properly.. and controlling someone isn’t right. Trying to turn them into something/someone they’re not. I’d also never be with someone an not trust them. If I needed their passwords for everything.. that right there is a deal breaker for me. And without sounding lame I think somedays love might just be okay and worth it, if you can find the right balance. An be able to be yourself completely an to respect that other person.. otherwise without doubt that so called “love” will just fail..